Take Control of Your Education

Research shows that the first 90 days of school are the most pivotal for many adult students, especially first-generation students. Attain simplifies the process of working towards your degree or credential, helping you balance your responsibilities in and out of the classroom in a realistic way. Monitor your schedule, classwork, and study time—even your mood—so you can stay on track and accomplish your goals without sacrificing other things that matter to you.

How Attain Works

Even when you have the motivation to succeed, getting your degree can be an uphill battle. Attain equips you with the tools to succeed from your first class to your graduation ceremony.

Take control of your education.
Empower yourself with the skills to achieve more than just a degree.

Define your goals.
Decide what success means to you by setting your own GPA and study goals.

Measure your progress.
Check in on the progress you’re making towards each of your goals.

Stay on track.
Course-correct if you start to lose focus or struggle to meet your own goals.

Personal Insights

Class and assignment reminders are just the first step—Attain asks post-activity questions to encourage you to have a deeper understanding of your existing habits and create positive new ones.

Time Management

If you’re balancing school with the rest of your life, setting realistic goals is essential. Use Attain to estimate the time you need to study based on your goal GPA and credit hours, then track your actual study and class hours.

Attain Dial

Each time you open the app, you’ll see the Attain Dial—a visual snapshot of the tasks you’ve been tracking. The further right the Dial goes, the closer you are to hitting the goals you’ve set.

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