Attain for Students – FAQs

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email us at

Why Attain?
Attain is inspired by students who want to improve their lives through education. We hope you feel empowered on your academic journey by defining your goals, measuring your progress, and staying on track.

What Is Attain?
Attain is an iPhone app designed to help you set your goals for the academic term. Once your goals are in place, we’ll define a study plan and track your progress based on your motivations, credits, and GPA.

How to Get Started
To keep it simple, we try to ask the least amount of questions possible. 


The Dashboard is an overview of how you’re doing towards hitting your goals for the week, the month, and the academic term. The Dial gives a summary of your progress based on your study sessions, class attendance, and assignment completion.

Q: How does the Dial work?

A: The Dial is a visual snapshot of your progress, meant to help keep you motivated as you pursue your education. Based on your activities in the app, the Dial moves right or left. The further right it goes, the closer you are to hitting the goals you set.

Q: How does the Dial measure my progress?

A: The Dial tracks your study sessions, class attendance, and assignment completion over a rolling 7-day period. It also considers how often you’re using the app and whether you record your moods (more on that later).

Q: Will the Dial consider study sessions I completed after the scheduled time?

A: Yes, the Attain Dial takes these completed sessions into account.


Attain lets you track your moods after the completion of education-related events.

Q: How does monitoring my mood relate to my success at school?

A: We hope you take the time to reflect on how you’ve been feeling during the term. A positive or negative mood won’t affect information on your progress, it simply gives you the chance to assess how you feel after each completed event. Monitoring your moods can improve your academic success by revealing patterns that could increase productivity.

Study Sessions, Attendance & Assignments

Tracking and monitoring your study hours, attendance, and assignments is an important step to achieving academic success.                         

Q: How do I create new study hours, class times, and assignments?

A: There are two ways to input study sessions, class schedules, and upcoming assignments—either from the Dashboard or the Calendar. If you haven’t created a term, you’ll need to do that first before you can add one of these tasks.

  1. Dashboard:
  2. From the Dashboard, click on the Study Sessions, Attendance, or Assignments module to create a new task. In the top right corner, click the + button. From there, fill in the required fields and click Save. You can now find these tasks from both the Dashboard and Calendar.
  1. Calendar:
  2. From the Calendar, click the + button in the top right corner. Select the option you want to add. From there, fill in the required fields and click Save. You can now find these tasks from both the Dashboard and Calendar.

Q: How do I indicate that I completed a study session, attended a class, or finished an assignment?

A: This can be done from either the Dashboard or the Calendar.

  1. Dashboard:
  2. From the Dashboard, click on Study Sessions, Attendance, or Assignments. Select the task you want to update and mark it as completed or missed.
  1. Calendar:
  2. From the Calendar, select the day of the event you want to update. Swipe left on the task and mark it as completed or missed.

Q: Is there a way to automatically input my information without having to manually enter classes and assignments?

A: We’re currently working on a feature that will make inputting your information even easier.


The Study Timer is a quick and easy tool for logging impromptu study sessions without scheduling them beforehand. Whether you’re using the Pomodoro Technique or just keeping track of your hours, how you use the Timer is up to you.

Q: Does a completed study session using the Timer get added to my overall study hours?

A: Yes, all study hours and minutes from the Attain Timer are added and will be reflected in the Dial.

Q: How do breaks work in the Timer?

A: If something comes up during a study session or you simply need a break, hit Pause. Any time that passes while the Timer’s in Pause won’t be counted towards your overall hours. Press Start to pick up where you left off or click Complete to finish the session.


The Calendar is designed to make it easy to keep track of your study sessions, class times, and assignments all in one place.

Q: Can I sync the Attain Calendar to my Gmail or Apple calendars?

A: We’ve heard a lot of feedback from students who want to use Attain as a time management tool. We’re currently working on this feature, which will be released in 2020.


The Term overview is where you can access all of your current courses and set, adjust, or monitor your academic goals.

Q: Can I edit or customize the recommended study hours for my goal GPA?

A: Currently, we don’t offer the ability to customize recommended study hours. The suggested study time is based on an equation that takes into account your credit load and goal GPA. However, you can always study more hours than what’s recommended to reach your goals.


In Settings, you can enable your location, notifications, and health and fitness apps. 

General Questions

Q: Can I use the app if I’m out of the United States?

A: While the app might work for those out of the United States, we’re only supporting students within the U.S.

Q: When is an Android app coming?

A: Attain is currently only available for iOS in the App Store. We don’t have plans to release an Android version in 2020.

Q: Will there be an Apple Watch feature? 

A: We’re not currently working on a feature for the Apple Watch.